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How often do you hear inner voices saying you’re not good enough, not doing enough, not fit enough, not achieving enough? How much head-space gets taken up with all the things you ‘should’ do, all the things you wish you had said or done differently, worrying about what other people think or the worst case scenarios of what might happen next?

The first thing to know (and this is good news!) is that these are natural, normal, common struggles of our shared human mind when we’re grappling with something difficult. The second thing to know (and this is even better news) – is that real and lasting change is possible. In fact not only is real change possible, but it can be made with optimism, confidence and calmness – once you gain the right support and skills.

Imagine if you could take all the energy that’s been trapped in past and present struggles and re-channel it towards emotional wellness.

Imagine you could…

  • Break free from negative patterns, anxiety or inner conflict
  • Shift from self-criticism to self-support
  • Recover from burnout, stress and overwhelm
  • Move forwards with fresh insight, freedom and peace
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Counselling and Psychotherapy with Georgie Cooke is a positive, supportive, validating experience. Sessions are uplifting and transformative. Georgie has a knack for getting to the heart of what’s been holding you back so you can grow, heal and thrive.

Drawing on research-based practices in mindfulness, neuro-science, self-compassion, positive psychology and IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy) you’ll learn a highly practical approach to cultivating the power of self-love and self-acceptance – developing inner resources that will last you a lifetime. You’ll learn how to process and release the pain, fear and negative beliefs that most of us carry like old luggage, so you can life a full, rich and satisfying life.

Because no matter how long things have felt dark inside, freedom and change is possible. Counselling & Psychotherapy with Georgie Cooke shows you how.

  • Develop a toolbox of simple, effective life skills
  • Reconnect with the untapped strength you truly possess
  • Heal from childhood trauma, abuse & PTSD
  • Face the future with clarity and optimism
  • Find freedom from self-destructive thoughts and behaviours
  • Internalize self-worth and self-esteem
  • Transform hurt, anger, guilt and shame into strength, wisdom, forgiveness and courage
  • Build deeper and more satisfying relationships
  • Gain powerful mindset shifts that unlock the door to more joy and authenticity
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You’ll find Georgie is intuitive, compassionate and gentle in her approach. She has a deep respect for the strength and resilience that lies within those she works with and will tailor the counselling and therapy process to your unique needs and existing strengths.

As a Soul-Centered Psychotherapist with a strong background in Positive Psychology and Holistic Healing, Georgie starts from the premise that you are whole and unbroken at the core – not diseased, sick or in need of ‘fixing’ (even if you may feel that way at times)!

In fact the truth is that you are far more amazing, more powerful (and way more awesome) than you probably give yourself credit for. As humans we’re all made of strength and struggle – and it’s a sign of great courage and self-awareness to reach out for support when we need it.

Clients say that connecting with Georgie is one of the most rewarding and uplifting experiences of their lives – creating a new paradigm for transformation and healing. When we heal our relationship with ourselves, it changes everything.

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Let your light shine. Live the life you have always dreamed of!

Online Video-Conferencing Counselling Available. Wherever you are in Australia or across the globe, Georgie has many years experience in providing counselling & coaching to people online via Zoom video-conferencing.

Please note: Georgie is not currently taking new clients.

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