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If you and your partner find yourselves caught in negative, hurtful patterns, this can be a huge opportunity to improve your relationship. All couples go through rough patches. These are turning point moments for relationships. Smart couples use moments like these to gain professional support and guidance, which gets them on a healthy path towards a stronger, deeper connection.

Believe it or not, you can look back on a difficult time as the best thing that ever happened in your relationship – if you seize the moment – and use it to grow together.

Relationship Counselling Helps Couples:

  • Improve communication
  • Repair trust and restore closeness
  • Accept and support each other
  • Stop fighting and start understanding
  • Grow together, not apart
  • Parent together effectively
  • Strengthen your loving bond

Relationship Counsellor Georgie Cooke uses only evidence-based methods that have been proven by research to help couples take their relationship to the next level of strength and intimacy. Whether you’re wanting to repair you bond, or make your good relationship great, Georgie can help you create a happy, healthy relationship.

Georgie has a warm gentle style that will put you at ease from the very beginning – allowing both you and your partner to feel heard, validated and understood – as well as empowered and equipped to create the changes you want together.

Couples & Relationship Counselling Coffs Harbour

Simple & Effective Tools for Your Relationship

Like anything else worth having, fantastic relationships require intention, care, and support. When you work with Relationship Counsellor Georgie Cooke you feel the difference of being championed by someone with solid professional training who brings a big dose of heart to you and to what matters most to you in your relationship.

Gottman Relationship Checkup Approved Member

Using established, proven, research-based strategies, Georgie’s approach is positive, empowering and effective. She has a knack for helping couples understand each other compassionately again and to rebuild trust, intimacy, joy and closeness.Each session will equip you with practical skills and tools, fresh head-space (and heart-space) and the support you need to grow stronger together, even through difficult times.

Georgie has many years experience working therapeutically with couples and has specialty training in the Gottman Method of Marriage and Relationship Therapy as well as Sue Johnson’s EFT – Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. These two approaches combine to offer a positive, powerful and effective approach to helping couples re-boot old patterns of distance and misunderstanding, and to build a healthier, happier, long-lasting relationship.

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Please note: Georgie is not currently taking new clients.

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