Meditation & Mindfulness

“How do you know you are growing in the right direction?
You can breathe more deeply, think more clearly, and feel calmness and happiness flow more strongly through your being.”

Yung Pueblo

For many of us, daily life is a blur of struggling just to survive, striving to achieve, or wrestling with the ongoing low level stress which eats away at our happiness and health in the long term. The mind tends to create anxiety by replaying, rehashing and regretting the past – and anticipating, fretting and worrying about the future.

Learning the art of meditation and mindfulness allows you to interrupt the spiralling patterns of negative thought, so you can be more present and engaged in your life and cultivate an inner core of calm and peace.

With a 20 year background in mindfulness practice and several years teaching weekly meditation classes on the Coffs Coast, Georgie offers her clients a gentle yet powerful blend of meditation, mindfulness, coaching and psychotherapy for personal growth, healing and transformation.

This holistic, evidence-based approach will help you

  • Become the master (not the servant) of your moods and emotions
  • Enhance your ability to self-regulate
  • Learn how to improve your personal relationships
  • Open doorways to new understanding
  • Heal past and present struggles
  • Maintain emotional wellness
  • Start living a more fully awakened life – with ease, freedom and peace
Coffs Harbour Meditation & Mindfulness

For newcomers and seasoned meditators alike, Georgie will create a safe space to work together with you at your own pace. Georgie’s unique approach to combining simple and effective meditation  and visualisation practices into counselling and coaching sessions delivers a practical and empowering method for integrating life-long positive changes.

Incorporating revolutionary mind-body approaches, teachings from ancient wisdom traditions and the latest research-based tools – clients find the process deeply rewarding, calming, uplifting and transformative.

Change and freedom are possible. Contact Georgie to make an enquiry or book your first appointment.

Please note: Georgie is not currently taking new clients.

Meditation & Mindfulness Coffs Harbour

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